Lianhetech Seal Sands

hazards managementLianhetech Seal Sands has a proven track record in the safe management of hazardous chemical processes.

Our expertise, flexible plant and broad permits ensure our ability to deliver the most challenging chemical solutions.

The implementation of any change is based on assessment by a comprehensive hazard management system.

Before introduction of any new substance a process is followed in a dedicated hazards testing laboratory – equipped with state of the art reaction calorimetery, such as RC1 with RTCal™, Differential Scanning Calorimetry, Carius Tube test and flash point determination.

Accelerated Rate Calorimetry (ARC) evaluates each reaction step to identify the basis and envelope of safety.

The site is Top-Tier COMAH (Seveso III) compliant, has a broad environmental permit and similarly has extensive consents in place to allow us to handle a broad range of substances at a range of scales.

SGS ISO 9001 UKAS 2014SGS ISO 14001 UKAS 2014Armed Forces Covenant - Employer Recognition Scheme - Bronze Award